Medieval History at UCCS

Some of you have had a chance already to take courses with our new Professor of Medieval European History, Roger L. Martinez. Currently he’s teaching two different sections of our graduate-level M.A. readings seminar in Medieval European history, where students began the first day by puzzling through the paleography of a medieval document.

Some of you may be interested in the Trebuchet Club at UCCS, which is featured in the Scribe article linked here. Here’s a little excerpt from the article:

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to build and use a medieval siege engine, you are not alone. A professor of medieval history at UCCS is organizing the building of a scale model of a trebuchet, which is a medieval siege engine used for hurling projectiles, similar to a catapult. In the upcoming months, students will have the opportunity to take part in the construction and operation of the trebuchet.

 According to Assistant Professor of History Roger Martinez, he was first given the idea by a student after showing a film featuring a trebuchet in class. The student approached him and said that he like it so much, he wanted to go home and build his own medieval siege engine.

This prompted Martinez to build his own trebuchet as a learning experience for his students. He thought it would be “an interesting way to bring medieval history to life,” he said.

Students involved in the club are continuing on in the project this year; contact Professor Martinez for more details.

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