Intersections Film Festival in the Independent

Carole Woodall’s Intersections Film Festival, coming up Oct. 14-16, is featured in a nice piece this week in our local free weekly the Colorado Springs Independent. Here’s some of the piece:

The theme of this year’s Intersections Film Festival is “displacement,” and organizer Carole Woodall finds it especially appropriate for this region.

“I’m not from Colorado Springs originally, and many of us do find ourselves in Colorado Springs who are not from this community,” says Woodall, who’s an assistant professor in the department of history and the women’s and ethnic studies program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. “Hopefully, the goal is for us to be a little bit more mindful of our community and of the individuals who reside here.”

As in the inaugural festival in 2009, Woodall will turn to movies about the Middle East to catalyze thought and discussion. The six-film lineup includes For a Moment, Freedom, about Iranian refugees stranded in Turkey, and Winterland, about a Kurdish refugee in Norway. . . .

Turnout for the inaugural festival, which she also curated, vastly exceeded expectations at about 800 attendees. The 2011 audiences should be even larger, and Woodall hopes their festival experiences will help make the Middle East seem more accessible.

“Film is a way to de-politicize something that’s actually very political,” she says. “And given the past 10 years, with the prominence of the Middle East, film provides a wonderful way to open up dialogue, as opposed to squelching it.” — Rhonda Van Pelt

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One Response to Intersections Film Festival in the Independent

  1. Roxanne Yelvington says:

    The IFF this year was a resounding success thanks in large part to the efforts of many faculty members and students from multiple campuses (hats off to you all!). To encourage participation and attendance this year, many professors and instructors have assigned material related to the festival for additional credit. This local endeavor from many campuses, both community college and university level, continues to foster a learning community here in the Springs which produces an elegant, multifaceted, and innovative educational and social environment. In light of this fabulous expansion of inter-collegiate cooperation, I would like to offer some information for students outside of UCCS and those gearing up for transfer into the UCCS system.
    Those PPCC students who attended the film festival for class credit are encouraged to bring in assigned reviews and analysis papers into the Writing Center at PPCC. For those students who wish to focus on the historical significance of the films, we have two history tutors, in addition to our many able writing tutors, who are prepared to assist in conceptualizing and analyzing the films presented, as well as assist in integrating the films with the dialogue presented by the festival discussants. Christina Gutierrez is available for tutoring via Skype throughout the week, students may check the schedule for her hours and set appointments at this website Additionally, Roxanne Yelvington (that would be me) is available at the Centennial Campus on Fridays from 11am to 4pm, the Downtown Campus on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm, and via Second Life tutoring Wednesdays and Thursdays (check availability and set appointments at the website listed above). It is best to set an appointment for PPCC tutors, especially over the weekend, to assure that you get the assistance you need. The LAC also offers many class specific tutoring sessions on multiple campuses who can assist in IFF based assignments (many of the history tutors attended the festival themselves), their hours are available at this website
    I am sure that our esteemed colleagues at the UCCS Writing Center are equally prepared to assist students in IFF based assignments. With all tutoring services it is best for students to bring in their assignment sheets, paper prompts, and notes on the films and the post-film discussions. Thank you all for attending and participating in the intelligent discussion this year; I look forward to seeing your submissions!

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