Senior Thesis Schedule: Spread the Word

Students often wonder about how to plan for their senior thesis. The answer is simple: find out who is teaching the Senior Thesis, and plan for when you can take the thesis with the professor who is teaching your topic of most interest. How do you find out that schedule: easy. It’s posted on the departmental website, on the bulletin board outside the History offices in Columbine, or just ask any professor about the schedule.

For your convenience, I’ll also post it here, and occasionally repost it. Here is the Senior Thesis Schedule for next semester and next school year.

Spring 2012

Paul Harvey, American History, 1789-1989.

Bernice Forrest, U.S. Social and Intellectual, 1865-1980; Medieval European Institutional and Intellectual History to 1150 CE; American Literature to 1945; African-American History and Literature to 1945; Native American Indian ethnohistory east of the Mississippi; traditional West African (Yoruba) religion and syncretism in the western hemisphere.

Fall of 2012

 Judith Price, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Modern American Diplomatic History, especially in Asia, British in China, Portuguese and Spanish in Asia, Exploration/Explorers in Asia.

Barbara Headle, US History 1607-1920 with emphasis in Colonial America, Nineteenth-Century American West, Historical Genealogy, Children’s History, African American history to 1865, Disaster Studies

Spring of 2013

Roger Martinez, Medieval World (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia) and Europe (pre-historic to early modern 1700 c.e.)

Christopher Hill, India 1500 to Present, American West, environmental History, Environmental history of the American West

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