Plan Your Senior Thesis Now!

Students, plan your senior thesis now! Sometimes students end up with a senior thesis subject that wasn’t their first choice, simply because they didn’t look ahead and see who was teaching when. We have our senior thesis schedule posted on the hallway of the department (2nd floor Columbine), or you can ask any of the professors anytime what the thesis schedule is going to be. Here is the schedule for the next few semesters, with the general topic areas in which senior theses will be written in these classes:

Spring 2012:

Paul Harvey: any topics in American History, 1789 – present: 2 sections, Tuesday at 10:50 and 4:30
Bernice Forrest: American ethno-history (Native American, African American, etc.): 1 section, on Friday mornings

Fall 2012:

Barbara Headle: American History up to the Civil War
Judy Price: Asian history

Spring 2013:

Christopher Hill: Asian History, Environmental History, History of the American West
Roger Martinez: Medieval/Early Modern History

Fall 2013:

Brian Duvick: Ancient History
Robert Sackett: Modern European History

Spring 2014:

Christina Jiménez:  Latin American and Latino History
Janet Myers: Medieval, Early Modern European History

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One Response to Plan Your Senior Thesis Now!

  1. Elizabeth Turner says:

    Can I vote for a daytime class time for Mrs. H’s fall 2012 senior thesis class? I would like to be in her section but evening class times are difficult for me with three kids. Thank you!!

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