Spring Courses Still Available

For you undergraduates looking for spring courses, there are plenty with seats still available, on all manner of topics from the Ancient World to the present. Here are a few that might get your attention:

History 1000, “Introduction to Historical Study” — with Professor Headle. This is especially for lower-division students, transfers, and others seeking a course to help them be successful through the entire History B.A. program. Learn practical tips on historical research and writing techniques that will be good for all your classes. Offered SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, FROM 10:00 – 1:45. This is a 1-unit class.

History 1610, Making of the Modern Middle East. with Professor Carole Woodall. Tuesdays 10:50 – 1:30, in COB 114. The perfect course for those wanting a basic broad introduction to a region of the world that particularly occupies our present attention.

Hist 4050: From the Harem to the War Zone, with Professor Woodall. Tuesdays 4:30 – 7:05. An examination of women’s writings from the Middle East., examining travel accounts, blogs, memoirs, and novels, and exploring the historical realities of colonialism, empire, nationalism, and modernity.

Hist 4530, Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1848-1877, with Professor Harvey. A focus on the signal event of American history, focusing on the experience of both soldiers and civilians as well as the promise and tragedy of the post-Civil War era. The class will read the most recent Pulitzer prize-winner in history, Eric Foner’s The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. Class meets on Wednesday 4:30 – 7:05.

History 1120, Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent, with Professor Christopher Hill. Class meets MW 12:15 – 1:30. Learn all about the incredibly dynamic history of the world’s largest democracy.

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