Of Interest: Ending Mexican American Studies in Arizona

“Students Step Up Tucson Walkouts
Protest School District Folly and Mexican American Studies Banishment

As the nation watches the Tucson Unified School District’s spiral into disarray, hundreds of students walked out of their Tucson schools Monday in a coordinated protest against the banishment of the district’s acclaimed Mexican American Studies program.”

More at: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/01/24-2

About Roger L. Martinez

Assistant Professor of History University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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One Response to Of Interest: Ending Mexican American Studies in Arizona

  1. Christina Jimenez says:

    Thanks for posting this, Roger. This developing situation in Arizona clearly highlights how the histories of certain citizens in the US are positioned as counter to accepted notions of US cultural belonging and acceptance. In this case, the policy to dismantle ethnic/cultural area studies is targeting, specifically Mexican American Studies. Teachers who have taught in this AZ district for decades describe the way that Latino students have connected to learning in a whole new way–once taught another perspective–the Mexican American perspective–on the history of the US and southwest. Learning history’s different interpretations is a source of engagement and enpowerment for Latino students.

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