From Civil War to Civil Rights

Paul Harvey

The Union War HARDCOVERAnd while we’re on the topic of the Civil War and History 4530, one more nice piece of  reading: Ari Kelman, “From Civil War to Civil Rights,” a review of four books on the Civil War and its memory in America, including extensive coverage of TWO of the four books we are reading this semester in History 4530: Gary Gallagher’s The Union War, and Stephanie McCurry’s Confederate Reckoning. I deliberately chose those two new texts not only because they are by top historians in the field, but also because they represent completely different, even contradictory, strands of historical interpretations. Kelman’s review for the Times Literary Supplement, moreover, is a model for how to consider multiple works together: tell us about those works, but also say something interesting and fruitful beyond simply recounting what is in the works. Highly recommended reading, both to learn and think about the contents of the books under review, as well as to think about writing these kinds of essays. 

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