Professor Christina Jiménez Honored With the 2012 UCCS Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Today, Dr. Kee Warner, UCCS Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusiveness, announced that Professor Christina Jiménez received the 2012 UCCS Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusiveness.  In his announcement, Dr. Warner stated,

As a teacher, a scholar and an engaged member of the UCCS community Christina Jiménez has helped define what diversity and inclusiveness mean at UCCS and how they can be effectively put into practice. As a faculty member and as a person, she personifies the values and commited work that are honored by this award.As a history professor, Christina Jiménez helps students develop a rich understanding of the Americas and the world, complete with diverse cultures, power heirarchies and popular movements. She is also an active member of the Women´s and Ethnic Studies faculty, teaching cross-listed and core classes and thoroughly engaging in program development. Her students attest to the dedication Dr. Jiménez devotes to every aspect of teaching from class preparation to individual advising to creating true learning communties. Her teaching is supported by outstanding scholarship on the emergence of notions of citizenship and popular political engagement in Mexico. Her book project on the making of an urban public in Morelia involves impressive, original archival research and promises to significantly advance this field of study.

Dr. Jiménez´s work to develop diversity and inclusiveness through institutional change are truly remarkable. She was a member of the organizing committee for the CU Blue Ribbon Committee on Diversity in 2006 and becomean integral member of the coordinating group for the 2007 Diversity Strategic Plan. Since then she has played a key role in implementing projects such as The BIG Idea Inclusiveness Workshop and Faculty Newcomers’ Project. As a founding member of the Matrix Center, she has been deeply involved in The Knapsack Institute and the White Privilege Conference and she served as chair of the Faculty Minority Affairs Committee for three years. Her values and commitment are equally evident in efforts that are not strictly focused on diversity, including her leadership as task force co-chair in rethinking and redesigning the UCCS core curriculum.

In recognition of her outstanding, continual and creative contributions to diversity and inclusiveness at UCCS, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is proud to honor Christina Jiménez with the 2012 Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusiveness.

Please join the History Department in congratulating Dr. Jiménez!

About Roger L. Martinez

Assistant Professor of History University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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