Excellence in UCCS History Students: 2011-2012 Student Award Winners in the History Department

We will see History students, friends and families at our annual Student Awards celebration Tuesday, May 1, 3:30 – 5:00, in UC 303. We’ll be celebrating all student achievement through the year, including especially the following notable recognitions! Come at 3:30 for refreshments and party time, and awards will be announced and recognized from about 4:15 – 4:45.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student: John Marsland
Outstanding Graduate Student: Ray Schultz

Outstanding Senior Thesis Award Winners (by section)

For Janet Myers’s section:
Alexandra Borkowski:  thesis on humanism and humanist morality as revealed in the romances of Chretien de Troyes
Shelley Kirkpatrick-Haddock:  thesis on medieval humanism and the work of John of Salisbury, Gerald of Wales, and Peter of Blois.

Peter Brumlik’s section:
Mary Broeker, for thesis about Tuskegee experiment

Paul Harvey’s sections:
4:30 section: Amy Haines: thesis on CF&I corporate paternalism in the early twentieth century
10:50 section: Veronica Spicer: thesis on creation of western hero myths as seen in Billy the Kid, George Custer, and Buffalo Bill.

Outstanding Senior Theses from 2010-2011 school year:
Joni Raile — C.S. Lewis’s Early Life: Faith, Reason, Literature and
Caitlin Fischer — Soviet Prisons and Labor Camps and the Women Who Survived Them
John Marsland — Edelweißpiraten: Youthful Rebellion as Legitimate
Resistance against the Third Reich
Beau Driver Iconography, Symbolism, and the Soviet Propaganda Poster
Amanda King –French Colonial Algeria: The Experiences of Frantz Fanon, Ferhat Abbas and Saadi Yacef
Casey Erin Pearce— “When I’s old ‘nough to set on de hoss…”: The African American Cowboy
Rory Goss— Exploding the Independence Depot: the Mine Owners Association on Trial

Presenters at the San Diego Southern Historical Association: The Roads Scholars!

Larry Reedy, The Failed Moral Reforms of 28 BC and the Changing Roman World.
Jonathan Ferris, Masters Becoming the Subjects: Sidonius and Cassiodorus in Gothic Service.
Paulina Loveless, From Misogyny to Mass Murder: Gendercide during the Fifteenth-Century European Witchcraft Trials.
Jon Gillin, Ancient Society in Flux: Shifting Concepts of Roman Identity in the Age of Justinian.
Kym Brumlik, The Heroic Epic of National Socialism: Creating Ideology through the Requisition of the Great Altar at Pergamon.

M.A. Graduates, Spring 2012:

Todd Belmear, Cindy Solomon, Brock Kilgore, Alex Frampton, Jon Grams, Kym Brumlik, Michelle Lastoka,  Roxanne Yelvington, Tracy Suarez, Larry Reedy, Sarah Clay, Mike Falick, Luke Bohanon, Paulina Loveless.

Campus Graduate Fellowship Winner for 2012 – 2013:
Casey Pearce

 Presenters at the Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum
Colette Richards: The History of the Heller Property
Veronica Spicer: Role of the media in creating western heroes
Amy Haines: Corporate Paternalism at CF&I, 1903-1920
Patti Weintraub: DeTocqueville’s Views on Religion and Democracy in America
Maria Tobin: Prostitution in 19th-Century New York
Celine Lane: Female Spies during the Civil War

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6 Responses to Excellence in UCCS History Students: 2011-2012 Student Award Winners in the History Department

  1. Aimee Morgado says:

    Seem there are some names missing from the 2010-2011 Outstanding Senior Thesis list. Dr.Woodall’s students who wrote remarkable essays are not mentioned Why?

  2. uccshistory says:

    Aimee: Other names will be added here, we are collecting and collating them presently, so this will be updated as soon as we get replies from the faculty involved.

  3. Christina Jimenez says:

    Congrats to all of our amazing students! Looking forward to hearing more and celebrating on Tues!

  4. Seems that a word was left off of the title of my thesis.It should read, “Iconography, Symbolism, and the Soviet Propaganda Poster”,

  5. uccshistory says:

    Thanks, fixed that.

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