History 4800, Theory and Methods of History: Recommended for Juniors and Seniors!

Thinking about

Senior Thesis-History-4990?

 Wish there was a way to make the most important writing project of your Undergraduate careerless daunting and more Manageable?


*Hist-4800 is offered Tuesday 10:50AM – 1:30PM, fall semester 2012*

is just what you need

You have no previous experience with primary sources, historiography, or research!


  • While investigating colonial and early Republic America HIST-4800 introduces students to a variety of historical approaches used by modern historians. Students focus on historical applications of social, gendered, labor, and cultural history as each influences twenty-first century interpretations of history.
  • HIST 4800 is designed to sharpen necessary critical reading and analytical writing essential for students to engage in the comprehensive historical research required by the history department and necessary for success in HIST-4990.

This class is recommended for juniors and seniors only 

Questions???? please contact the History Office: Columbine, rm 2048; PH: 255- 4069Or, email Instructor Barbara Headle at:    bheadle@uccs.edu

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