Donahue Chair Commemorates Judy Price

by Wei Yang, Ph.D.
Donahue Chair of East Asian History, UCCS

SackettI cannot say I have gotten much chance to get acquainted with Judy Price over my first three months of teaching at UCCS, during which her health was rapidly declining, but through our conversations at my campus interview back in February, I was deeply impressed with her infectious passion for teaching and her profound love for the program. I feel so privileged to take this permanent position in East Asia that she cared so much about. It should be noted that she never mentioned, on any occasion, that she was the donor for the Donahue Endowed Chair in East Asia. She firmly insisted on the anonymity of the donation. Such a great spirit of generosity and unconditional affection for teaching will be a constant reminder of the very meaning of the profession we all engage in. The tradition of East Asian studies at UCCS she inaugurated will continue and it will thrive.

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