Hiring: Two Spring 2013 Museum Assistants

Dear Colleagues and Students:

Asst. Professor Roger Martinez and the New Mexico History Museum are hiring two spring 2013 Museum Assistants to collaborate on an exhibition entitled, “Expressions of Complex Identities: Sephardic Jews, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews (1391-2015).”

This bilingual exhibition, opening on May 24, 2015, will focus on the cultural and religious history of Sephardic Jews, conversos, and crypto-Jews. It will explore the period from the late medieval to modern periods (late 14th through 21st centuries) and will journey from Spain, into the Atlantic world, and reach its final destinations in Mexico and New Mexico. The exhibition will be developed with partners in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and New Mexico and will trace the conditions of Jewish life in Spain that led to the diaspora from the Iberian Peninsula. The showing will include documents and artifacts from Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, and New Mexican sources, as well as photographs, paintings, and other art forms that present the Sephardic experience and the formation and persistence of Jewish identity in New Mexico. The exhibition will include a published bilingual catalogue and will be supported by a full year of programming through lectures, musical performances, and dramatic readings. Lastly, the NMHM will hopefully collaborate with other museums in the United States so that this traveling exhibition will be on display on both the west and east coasts. (Read more about the exhibition.)

The two temporary Museum Assistants will (1) conduct research on individual museum artifacts and (2) prepare descriptive labels for the artifacts. Paid training will be provided. Each student will be compensated at $9/hour (perhaps more, dependent on skills) and offered up to 96 hours of work during spring 2013.

Student applicants should have Apple computer experience (MS Word and Excel) and be a Humanities undergraduate or graduate student (history, languages and cultures, philosophy, or a related field). Spanish reading skills and past course work in Spanish or Jewish history are highly desirable, but not required. Lastly, this position is not need-based.

Applicants should send a brief email Dr. Martinez at rmartin8@uccs.edu detailing their prior academic work, their related skills and prior work history, and availability during spring 2013. Email applications must be received by January 4, 2013.  Brief on-campus interviews will be conducted from January 7-11th and Research Assistants will begin work on January 22nd.

Thank you for your assistance,

Roger Martinez, Asst. Professor of History

About Roger L. Martinez

Assistant Professor of History University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
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