New Graduate Class Offering This Fall Semester

From: Paul Harvey

I wanted to alert ongoing grad. students and also graduate faculty to a change in the fall schedule which might affect the plans of graduate students.

Professor Carole Woodall was scheduled to teach a Readings course in the fall, on MIddle Eastern History, to be taught Wednesday 4:45 – 7:20. 
Professor Woodall has decided to extend her research work that she’s currently doing in Turkey until the end of December. We are therefore cancelling her graduate course which is currently on the schedule.
So, we will be replacing her now-cancelled class with this one, taught at the same time (Wednesday 4:45 – 7:20) and place (Columbine 324): History 6630. Graduate Readings in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era. Paul Harvey. The syllabus may be found here (click on the first link on that page). 

 Thus, in the fall, the 2 Graduate Readings Seminars will be the one on the schedule presently with Professor Forrest (Hist 6690, EthnoHistory, Mondays 4:45 – 7:20), and the new course History 6630 on Wednesday 4:45 – 7:20. 

The schedule doesn’t presently show this, but it will soon once the computer digests the cancellation and addition above. Please let other graduate students know so they may determine their schedule appropriately. 

 Also, for your future information, the Graduate Readings Seminars in the Spring semester (2014) will be taught by Professor Sackett and Professor Martinez. 
Please forward to other grad. students you know who would be interested. And please remember, the graduate schedule may always be found on the History Department website,, click on “graduate” and follow links from there to the schedule and other information. 
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