UCCS Graduate Student History Travel Grants

UCCS Graduate Student History Travel Grants
 Call for Proposals
Application Submission Deadline: October 15, 2013

The History Department is offering graduate student travel grants to support travel to conduct research, or to attend conferences, directly connected to graduate research papers and studies by UCCS History graduate students. The awards are typically limited to $300.00 for each research project or conference attendance. In cases of intensive language training or other exceptional circumstances, grants could be increased to $500.  The Department will announce a call for proposals due in early-semester during both Spring and Fall. Typically, no more than four grants will be funded in each semester.

What will be reimbursed?  Students awarded a travel grant can submit receipts to be reimbursed for authorized air travel, hotel, parking, mileage, per diem, and/or conference registration fees.  Expenditures should be preapproved in writing (via email) by the department.

Eligibility:  Any graduate student enrolled in the UCCS M.A. in History program may apply.  However, students must be in good academic standing within the department. Research conduct should pertain directly to a research seminar paper. Preference will be given to advanced students.

Application and submission info: Graduate students must submit via email attachment the official Graduate Student Travel Grant Application Form (below), which includes a research/ conference proposal (max. length 1 page), to Dr. Christina Jimenez, Director of Graduate Studies: cjimenez@uccs.edu.

Criteria: Applications will be judged by quality of research/conference proposal, academic standing of the student, and proper budget criteria.

Award notification: Faculty members of the Department’s Graduate Studies Committee will determine grantees. Applicants will be notified of the decision by email within two weeks of the deadline submission date.

 Grant periods: In 2013, proposals travel funding will be accepted in two cycles: one Spring semester deadline of March 25 and a Fall semester deadline of Oct 15. Typically, awarded funds will be used within 120 days (approx. 4 months) of the notification of funding approval. However, students may request an extension to use funds beyond 120 days in their initial grant proposals or after awards are made. Conversely, students can submit a proposal to be reimbursed for research travel expenses which they may have incurred prior to the official proposal deadline.  In all cases, however, student must submit itemized receipts. All receipts and any other necessary paperwork for reimbursements must be submitted to Ian Smith (ismith2@uccs.edu) within 30 days after travel is completed.

 Important notes: Reimbursement must be submitted upon return, no advance payment is permitted and valid receipts are required. Students cannot purchase airfare without prior approval, and all air travel must be coordinated through the History Department Office or reimbursement will not be provided.  By submitting this application applicants agree to the above conditions.

 Please completed portion below as your official application proposal.

 Graduate Student Travel Grant Application Form
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs History Department

 Name: ______________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________

Phone Contact info:___________________________________

Year in the Program: __________________________________

Proposal for Travel Funding (max. length 1 page).  Proposal should explain reason for travel, precise location of research, including name of archive/library, etc., sources to be consulted, etc. In the case of conference travel, please include conference title, and details on your participation, including panel title and paper title. (Please paste proposal in space below.)

 Travel Dates: __________________________________________

Do you anticipate that all travel will be completed within 120 days of the grant notification (typically two weeks after deadline)? ___________________________

Have you received a travel award from UCCS in the past? If so, please explain.


 Please explain your travel costs below.

Travel: ____________________________________________________

Lodging and meals: ___________________________________________

Other: _____________________________________________________

Approved or Denied: Graduate Committee__________________

Director of Graduate Studies: ___________________________ Amount: $_______

Completed Form should be submitted via email to Director of Graduate Studies,
Dr. Christina Jimenez, cjimenez@uccs.edu. Questions? Call 255-4076

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