Student Robin Lynch’s presentation to the El Paso County Pioneers’ Association

Congratulations to UCCS History student Robin Lynch, who (after a 25-year career in the military) came to our graduate program and has been doing some amazing work in discovering some previously untapped sources on the history of poor farms and paupers in El Paso County. This newletter of the El Paso County Pioneers’ Association details some of that work. Congratulations to Robin! Here’s a brief excerpt:

In North Platte Nebraska, where Robin grew up, a book had been written about the local poor farm. A movie, Evil Obsessions is to be produced about that institution whose matron was said to be “evil.” That started the search for local history here regarding our local poor farm. Yes, there was one here on 21 street and an earlier facility ston the East side of the city. One set of information led to another and as the various pieces of information Robin found, in different governmental archives, got put together, at first in her mind then on paper. She became interested it putting it all in one place not only for her class work but for us. Posterity!

Research led her to our “potters field” and on to EPCPA’ s involvement at Evergreen Cemetery. Most Counties have designated cemetery plots for those unable to pay. The EPCPA under the guidance of Mel Sinton and other Board members documented the “pioneer” section of Evergreen Cemetery some years ago. Robin asked EPCPA permission to retype the information from EPCPA work at the Cemetery into a database. A good idea so that it is more readily available to everyone these days.
Permission happily given!

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