Welcome to the 2014 School Year

15 August 2014

Dear UCCS History Majors and M.A. Students,

Welcome to the 2014-15 UCCS school year! This is Paul Harvey, Chair of the History Department, I wanted to introduce myself to all of you, to encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself, and to let you know of some of the exciting events and opportunities in the department and at UCCS for this upcoming year. My office is Columbine Hall 2055, email pharvey@uccs.edu, and phone 255-4078.

Besides me, our departmental assistant, Ian Smith, is there in COB 2048 during the day to help you with all your needs; he can also be reached at email at ismith2@uccs.edu, or at 255-4069. I want to encourage all of you to make use of our best resources for departmental information and updates: the departmental website at http://www.uccs.edu/history, and the departmental blog at https://uccshistory.wordpress.com.

You will find at the website (http://www.uccs.edu/history) an abundance of information, including full information on all the regular faculty and instructors; helpful guides to the major itself; a special section just for those of you who are transfer students; information about the senior thesis required of all history majors; information on the undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) programs; events, lectures, and opportunities during the school year; and much, much more.

You will find at the departmental blog, at https://uccshistory.wordpress.com, reminders, announcements, and “late breaking news,” as well as occasional guest posts from students and faculty members on historical issues in the news. For example, we will periodically post the schedule for senior thesis for several semesters in advance, helping you plan when you want to do your thesis. I will post updates on events and opportunities locally such as lectures, work opportunities, and internships.

This year, I also wanted to let you know about several new developments within the department itself. First, I am delighted to announce that Ms. Roy Jo Sartin is now a half-time Instructor in the Department, meaning she will be teaching two courses a semester in fields such as Ancient Greee, Ancient Egypt, and Mesopotamian History. Also, we are beginning a new program of History Internships for both undergraduates and graduates; it will be led by Leah Davis-Witherow, chief Archivist at the Pioneers Museum – look for History 3955 to sign up and get some great experience working for local public history institutions.

Once again, welcome to the school year, and best of luck.

All my best,

Paul Harvey
Professor and Chair of History, UCCS

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