UCCS History Alumni News: New Books, Publications, and Radio Broadcasts

Happy 2015 from the UCCS History Department.

We wanted to start out this year by noting some recent accomplishments of a couple of our recent graduates.

Kyle Miller was a student in our BA and MA programs, and now teaches middle school locally. He has recently authored the book Cnut: Rise of a Viking WArriorWe asked Kyle to describe his book, and here’s what he sent back:

My book is entitled Cnut: Rise of a Viking Warrior. It is about a teenager who grew up in Wessex, but was of Viking descent. Once he reconnected with his people, he learns their culture and it replaces his own. As he learns, he joins them in raids and in adventures across the sea.

 The inspiration for this book was my middle school students. They enjoyed the stories I told in class and they thought I should do an historical fiction work. I decided on the Vikings because of their current popularity because of the television series, as well as the popularity of the lessons I teach on Vikings among my students. While the main character is fictional, some of the people are historical figures, and several of the events are actual events. The research process for the book was a great experience; however, the editing and publishing process was definitely tedious and time consuming. In the end, everything was worth it once the final product was in my hand. I am currently working on the second book in the four part series and still loving the research and the writing!

Ludlow minersSecondly, our M.A. graduate Captain Adam Morgan was recently appointed as the official historian of the Colorado National Guard. Morgan has been involved in a number of projects with his new assignment, including dealing with two of the most difficult issues of Colorado history, the Sand Creek Massacre and the Ludlow Massacre (1864 and 1914).

Morgan recently appeared on the special one-hour documentary on the  Ludlow Massacre which aired on the excellent locally-produced KRCC program Wish We Were Here. The program, entitled “Ludlow and Its Legacy,” is a moving portrait of the events at Ludlow and their aftermath, featuring voices of major historians such as Thomas Andrews, poets such as Dave Mason, and our own Captain Morgan. Morgan has also recently authored a searching and sensitive essay about Sand Creek and Ludlow and their relationship to the Colorado National Guard. See “Ludlow, Sand Creek: Could They Happen Again?

Congratulations to Kyle and Adam for their accomplishments in presenting history, in a variety of formats and genres, to broad public audiences.

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