UCCS History Students Visit Western Museum of Mining and Industry

caseyUCCS students visit Western Museum of Mining and Industry, Feb. 9

On Feb. 9, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) students from the 19th Century American History course (taught by History Department Lecturer Casey Pearce) pose in front of the 35-ton Corliss steam engine at the Western Museum of Mining & Industry (WMMI). During their museum visit, the students learned about the development of steam power, an energy source that powered the Industrial Revolution from the 18th to 20th centuries and is still used today. The students learned that steam was initially used to create a vacuum in a condenser, used to draw down one side of a beam engine. Eventually steam engines were developed that created mechanical energy from steam pressurizing a piston up and down in a piston chamber, which then rotated an axle and flywheel. A belt on the steam engine flywheel transferred the energy to the flywheel on the machine needing power. Museum staff operated a number of steam engines demonstrating this transfer of power principle. Information on upcoming events at the museum is at www.wmmi.org. Photo by David Futey.

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