The U.S. and Islamophobia – Events Sept. 19-21 at UCCS

A Front Range University Event Series at UCCS and DU

All events will be held in Kraemer Family Library’s 3rd Floor Apse, beginning at 5 pm and ending at 7 pm. The events are free and refreshments will be provided. Limited seating capacity.

Here is the facebook page for the events, you can follow there as well.

19 September 2016
, UCCS Faculty Panel
Join faculty panelists Dr. Emily Skop (GES and Director of UCCS Global Intercultural Research Center) will be addressing the topic “Refugees 101”, Dr. Jeffrey Scholes (Philosophy and Director of the Center of Religious Diversity and Public Life) will be talking about “Christianity and Islamophobia,” and Dr. Edin Mujkic (School of Public Affairs) will be discussing the topic of “A Muslim Threat: Real or Perceived?”

20 September 2016,
Just Talk Book Club, Ayad Akhtar’s 2012 play Disgraced
Join Dr. Kevin Landis (VAPA/Theatre), Dr. Max Shulman (VAPA/Theatre), and Dr. Carole Woodall (History/WEST) in a lively and engaged discussion as part of Kraemer Family Library’s new programming series Just Talk that is designed to promote open and honest dialogue about equity, diversity, and inclusion on the UCCS campus and beyond.
In this “breathtaking, raw and blistering” Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Amir has built the perfect life. But as a high-profile case and his wife’s art show reveal how little his culture is understood, their misconceptions become too much to bear. Akhtar’s Disgraced is part of the Denver Performing Arts Center Spring 2017 Season, March 31 – May 7, 2017, Ricketson Theatre. For ticket information, please see the Center’s website, (

Make sure to get a copy of the play in advance. We have 25 copies of the play to be distributed to students via lottery. To be entered in the lottery, you must register for the event.  Faculty, staff, and community members are also encouraged to register so we can plan for total attendance, but are not eligible to receive a free copy of the play. The registration form is available at Copies of the play may also be requested through the library using the Prospector system:  For more information about the Just Talk series, please visit

21 September 2016
, “Overcoming Islamophobia” workshop, led by Catherine Orsborn, Director of the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign in Washington, D.C. ( The workshop will center on the overlapping issues of Islamophobia, anti-refugee movements, and anti-immigrant sentiments. Ms. Orsborn will lead students, faculty, staff, and community members in recognizing and critiquing pervasive forms of Islamophobia, and will discuss effective interfaith strategies to counter anti-Muslim discourse at the national, regional and local levels. Workshop is hosted by UCCS Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s Dialogue – Moving Forward through Violent Times series, #uccsmovingforward.
Event Hosts and Sponsors
* UCCS Office of Diversity and Inclusion
* UCCS College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
* UCCS School of Public Affairs
* The UCCS Global Intercultural Research Center (GLINT) is an interdisciplinary unit of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs that supports faculty-sponsored global intercultural scholarship, (
* The UCCS Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life ( aims to foster a healthy and fruitful relationship between the UCCS and the surrounding community on topics related to religious diversity and public life.
* Just Talk is the Kraemer Family Library’s new programming series that is designed to promote open and honest dialogue about equity, diversity, and inclusion on the UCCS campus and beyond, (
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