Evening of History Tuesday December 13th!! Everyone is Invited.

Our Evening of History will take place tomorrow, TUES, DEC 13, 4:30-9:30pm in the Daniels K-12 Room of the Osborne Science and Engineering Building, which is the newer Engineering building just west of the library. We will have some food and nonalcoholic beverages. Anyone is welcome to attend for all or part of the evening. Please support your fellow graduate students and hear about their excellent work.

Here are directions for how to get to the correct room: Walk up to the main upper plaza in front of the library, clock tower side. They just moved the white marble statue of a mountain lion there. Enter walkway toward Sci/Eng building and go up first short exterior staircase (green hand railings) on your RIGHT.Enter building through the double doors at those short steps. Once inside the building go UP the stairway directly in front on you. The Daniels K-12 room is at the top of that stairway.

How long are the presentations? Graduate students completing a research seminar this semester with either Dr. Woodall and/or Dr. Sackett will present their projects in 8-minute presentations.  Dr. Jimenez will give presenters a ONE-MIN warning at 7mins and TIME over sign at 8 mins. Please be prepared to end your presentation within the 8-min limit.

What’s the order of presenters?  Dr. Woodall’s class will present first from roughly 4:30-5:30pm, Dr. Sackett’s class will present from 5:45-9:30pm.  Within those class time distinctions, THE ORDER of presenters will be flexible. Dr. Jimenez will have a SIGN UP sheet at the EVENT–so you can sign up for a time earlier or later depending on when you arrive. If you need to present around a specific time, you can email Dr. Jimenez at cjimenez@uccs.edu. No need to email again if you have already contacted me.

Presenting Students–PLEASE BRING ANY PPT you have ON A THUMB DRIVE. Transitions will go much faster that way.

See you all there! If you are a presenter and want to know the order of the presentations, please contact one of your professors for that.

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