Business History Conference, CU Denver 30 – April 1

Dear Fellow Historians,
If you are interested in the burgeoning history of capitalism, if you are interested in the people and institutions that populate capitalism, and if you are interested in attending a very welcoming academic conference to be held in Denver, you can do so for free!
The Business History Conference will hold its annual meeting in Denver, March 30-April 1,  (The Business History Conference). The BHC is the largest and oldest international organization dedicated to the scholarly study of business history and the history of capitalism. Presenters’ approaches are always quite eclectic, including anthropology, sociology, and economics, as well as history. The theme this year is Civilizations (The Business History Conference), which has inspired a diverse array of sessions.
If you would like to attend, you can do so for free. Students who are BHC members can register for the conference for free, and the BHC has a fund to pay the $30 student membership fee for those who want to attend. This offer is good for up to 10 students. 
If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please contact Pamela Laird, at CU Denver:
Pamela W. Laird
Professor of History
Former president of the Business History Conference 

CLAS Director of Digital Initiatives

University of Colorado Denver
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