Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Student Award Winners!

The History Department Awards Ceremony is Wednesday, May 10th, at 3:00 in UC 122. Below are the names, bios, and photos of our outstanding undergraduate and graduate students this year (2016-27). Congratulations to all! They and others will be recognized on Wednesday. Gift cards will be gifted.

Other students will be receiving recognition for other awards, TAships served, fellowships won, research trips taken, etc. A full list is available here, at the department website.

Outstanding Undergraduate Students, May 2017

Amy Statton graduates this May with a Bachelors of Arts in History and a

Photo - Statton

Amy Statton

leadership certificate through the UCCSLead program. She transferred from Pikes Peak Community College after earning her Associates of Arts degree with an emphasis in History. Amy wrote her Senior Thesis on the French legitimization of their claim to the Mandates of Syria and Lebanon after World War I. During her time at UCCS, she also received the Reisher Scholarship for 2015-2017 academic years, as well as the Wunderli Scholarship for 2016-2017 academic year. Amy plans to take a year off from academic study, but plans to go on to earn a Masters or potentially a Doctorate in History. Amy is extremely grateful for the people who supported her academic goals, including her family, her fiancé, and her teachers at Pikes Peak Community College and UCCS.

Jessica Juhala

jessica juhala

Jessica Juhala

Jessica Juhala transferred to UCCS in the fall of 2015. She immediately fell in love with the History department and has taken a variety of classes with an almost perfect record throughout. Jessica is also involved in UCCSLead and will graduate this semester with a Breakthrough Leadership Certificate. Along with other UCCS history students, she participated in the annual Fountain Fairview Cemetery Tour as a docent. This semester Jessica chose to write her Undergraduate thesis on the evolution of Uncle Sam, focusing specifically on the relationship between the image and various American wars. After graduation Jessica plans to continue to pursue her passion for history and hopefully return to UCCS for graduate studies at some point in the future.

Outstanding Graduate Students, May 2017

Thomas Fugler


Tommy Fugler

Thomas Fugler, a Graduate Student in the History Department, active duty Air Force officer, and happily married father of three, has oriented his work toward the Middle East with a focus on Turkey. After graduating with a BS in Humanities from the Air Force Academy in 2005, Major Fugler served 11 years as an F-16 fighter pilot, amassing 1000 hours. He attained his MA in Management and Leadership at Liberty University in 2013, followed by an AA in Turkish at the Defense Language Institute. Upon completion of the program in 2014 Major Fugler spent 1 year in Turkey assigned to the Turkish Air Force as a NATO advisor and F-16 instructor. This priceless experience led to his research focus on modern Turkey. Following graduation, Major Fugler will serve as a history Instructor at the Air Force Academy, after which he aspires to pursue a PhD centered on Middle East studies.

Michael Bunch


Michael Bunch

Michael received his BA in History from the University of North Georgia in 2008. His graduate work included: – Alamannic immigrant influence on the Roman provinces of Germania Superior and the Agri Decumates in the third and fourth centuries CE; the continuation of East Prussian culture in relation to Nazi oppression and East Prussian painter identity in the refugee community post-World War II; and the lack of political representation of the Kosovar-Albanian diaspora in 1990s in Frankfurt am Main. Michael plans on applying for a PhD program and continuing his studies.

Biography for Jami Wilson

jami wilson

Jami Wilson

Jami earned her BA in Chinese studies and writing from Pacific Lutheran University in 2014. In May 2017, she will obtain her MA in history from UCCS. While resident at UCCS, Jami focused her research on human rights in modern Chinese history and presented her work at three academic conferences, including Harvard’s East Asia Society Conference 2016: [Re]imagining Asia, the Annual American Historical Association (AHA) Conference (2017)and Columbia’s 26th Annual Graduate Student Conference on East Asia (2017). Jami also volunteered and interned at the Crawford Family U.S. Olympic Archives in Colorado Springs, where she processed and organized all Olympic Games manuscripts into the archive’s software, allowing for scholar’s easy access to historical materials. Her graduate school experience ultimately involved extensive research, writing, archiving, and mentorship (thank you, Professor Woodall and Wei) integral to her person.

Emilee Shindel

Emilee Shindel

Emilee Shindel

Emilee earned her BA from UCCS in 2014, finishing then with an award-winning Senior Thesis about race relations in the Mennonite Church in the 20th century. She then went on to the History MA program, where, under the influence of Professor Sackett, she became especially interested in Jewish history. She has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in Jewish history at Temple University, where she will be studying with noted scholar Lila Corwin Berman. Emilee also has spent the last two years working in the History Office, as well as being President of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honors Society. She is also an expert in the fine arts of coffee roasting, and selecting draft picks in her fantasy football league.

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