2018 Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium

The 2018 Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium, hosted by the Special Collections of the Pikes Peak Library District, will be held June 9, 2018.

The 2018 theme will be “Remarkable Rascals, Despicable Dudes, & Hidden Heroes of the Pikes Peak Region.” This will be the 15th annual Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium which attracts a live audience of over 200  for the day long symposium. This year’s symposium, “Enduring Legacies and Forgotten Landmarks: the Built Environment of the Pikes Peak Region,” devoted to historic architects, architecture, and land use had 211 attending in person and nearly 1,000 video viewers for each of the morning and afternoon video streams on Facebook.  Participating in the symposium either as a presenter, providing a 20-minute presentation,  or as an author of a 6,000 to 12,000 word chapter for the published proceedings (or both), offers scholars a perfect venue to share their research with an interested audience.

Chris Nicholl – Symposium Coordinator


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