Letter to Alumni, April 2017, and Chris Hill’s Retirement Celebration

Department of History Alumni Update: April 2017

Greetings from the
UCCS History Department. I’m writing to alert you to a couple of milestones and significant events in the life of the Department, and to invite you to a special event at the end of this school year.
First, I wanted to let you know that our long-time Professor of South Asian History, Christopher Hill, is retiring at the end of this school year. Chris came to the Department in 1993, has published a number of significant books in his field of South Asian Environmental History while he was here, and developed as well a loyal student following for his courses on Vietnam Wars, Environmental History, The 1960s through Film, and many other popular offerings. We are very sad indeed to see him leave the Department.
The Department is honoring Professor Hill with a very special retirement event, scheduled for May 10, starting about 4:30 and going on to 6:30 or longer, in the patio area just outside Clyde’s in the University Center. Food and drink will be served. We are inviting all students, undergraduates and graduates, who had Dr. Hill as a professor and wish to attend this celebration of his career. 
This year the Department ran a national search to replace Dr. Hill, and selected as his replacement Dr. Samantha Christiansen. “Sam,” as she is known, was actually a UCCS alumnus from 2005. After graduating from UCCS, Sam went on to receive her Ph.D. from Northeastern University in Boston in 2013, where she worked on the history of student protest movements in Bangladesh.
She then took a position as Assistant Professor of History at Marywood University in Pennsylvania, where she has taught for the last four years. We are delighted to have Dr. Christiansen join us, and it’s all the more meaningful that she began her career at UCCS as a protégé of Professor Christopher Hill, ensuring that his legacy will continue for many years to come in the Department.

Just a few other things to let you know. Last school year Dr.
Carole Woodall, Professor of Middle Eastern History, was granted tenure and promotion in the Department, and she is now an Associate Professor. This school year, Dr. Roger Martinez (currently on a European Union-funded research leave in Madrid, Spain), was granted tenure and promotion, and Dr. Christina Jimenez, who since 2000 has taught Latin American History in the Department, has been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations to all of these teacher/scholars for these successful milestones in their careers.

And starting July 1, I will be stepping down as Chair, and Professor Jimenez will be stepping into that role and leading the Department into a new era!

As always, we have students accomplishing great things in the Department and at the university. Recently, we instituted a new Internship program in the Department, and have had students working at the Pioneers Museum, the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, and at the Archives of the U. S. Olympics Committee. One of those students, Jami Wilson, wrote about her experience at the U.S. Olympics Archives
hereat the departmental blog. You can go to that blog anytime and scroll down to read all the updates about great happenings with students and professors in the Department.

We’d love to hear from you. Please send us your stories and updates. We’d love to post about your successes on our departmental alumni webpage and on the history department blog. You can send them directly to

We wish you all the best in your endeavors, and hope to hear from some of you who want to attend the retirement celebration for Christopher Hill on Wednesday, May 10.

Best wishes,

Paul Harvey
Chair, Department of History
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Teaching the Middle East Workshop, April 8th, Denver University

From our colleague Carole Woodall:

Teaching about the Middle East & Islam Teacher Workshop
University of Denver Saturday, April 8, 9:30am-noon
Free to Register / Parking Provided Faculty

Presenters: Dr. Andrea Stanton (Religious Studies, DU)
Dr. Carole Woodall (History, UCCS)

Register: cmes@du.edu

Sponsored by the Center for Middle East Studies and the Department of Religious Studies

For a flyer for this event, click:  Teacher Workshop 4.8.17 flyer

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Special Workshop March 18th!

Here’s our upcoming very special genealogy workshop — come even if you’re not interested in your own family background to learn skills useful for all sorts of other things!


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Wunderli and Florence Murphy Scholarships

The History Department is delighted to remind you of scholarships available undergraduate History majors, and graduate students: The Wunderli scholarships, and the Florence Murphy Scholarship. Applications are NOW OPEN to apply for this scholarship, through your student portal. The deadline for the application is March 1. Scholarships will be given in amounts UP TO $5000 for the next school year. Please see the information below, or go here to the UCCS scholarship page for more information.

Wunderli Scholarship


The Wunderli Scholarships, named after the Department’s esteemed Professor Emeritus of Medieval History, provides support for undergraduate History majors and graduate students in our M.A. program. It is funded by a generous bequest from Judith Price (1944-2012), a long-time Instructor in Asian History in the Department. We seek especially to assist students whose financial burdens may interfere with the pursuit of a degree in history, as well as students with a record of extraordinary accomplishment. Awards may vary from $1,000 to $5,000 for the academic year. Student must demonstrate financial need by competing the FAFSA no later than March 1.

Application Requirements

The following requirements must be submitted via the UCCS Scholarship Application in the portal.

  • Special Essay

Special Essay Topic

Address each topic below in less than 1,000 words total:

  • Describe where you are at in your History program, what courses you have taken in the History Department, and when you plan to graduate.
  • Describe your current total financial picture in terms of paying for your college education/graduate degree. Please list all sources of support û from parents, family, significant other, other scholarships and fellowships you may be receiving, student grants and loans, and any other financial means of support that you currently rely on to pay for your education. Preference for this scholarship is for students with limited sources of external support.
  • Describe your career to date at UCCS; why you are a History major or pursuing a graduate degree in History?
  • How would being a recipient of this scholarship assist you in achieving your goals in our program?
  • How would being a scholarship recipient alleviate you from other financial burdens û student loans, long work hours, etc. û that might hinder you from achieving your goals as a History student?
  • If you are a graduate student, please indicate what you hope to accomplish with your M.A. degree.

Award Status

Applicants will be notified of scholarship results in the beginning of May.

Application Procedures

If you think you are eligible for this scholarship and would like to apply, log in to the UCCS Scholarship Application.




Occasionally, some of your visitor

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Western Museum of Mining and Industry Calendar of Events for 2017

 Western Museum of Mining & Industry 2017 Calendar of Events

Please check our website for details on all of these events.

March 18                     Family Exploration Day: Science, with the Pike’s Peak Soaring Society, Palmer Ridge Robotics Club, Colorado Springs Utilities, The Space Foundation Discovery Center, and Science Matters.

April 13                       Exhibit Lecture: Mindy S. Vogel, Geologist, U.S. Forest Service, “Rock,                                       Paper, Forest Service: A Summary of Mining and Permitting on Forest                                           Service Lands.”

May 12-14                   Pike’s Peak Antique Machinery Days, with the Arkansas Valley                                                     Flywheelers, Front Range Antique Power Association, antique                                                        automobile clubs, tractor pulls, and more!

May 24                        Picnic-N-Planes (USAFA Graduation Day). For $5 per carload, come to                                        the museum to see the Thunderbirds fly low over the museum property!   Bring your picnic lunch, cameras, and binoculars for a fun outing.

June 19-23                   Science Camp put on by Science Matters! The activities will be Junkyard Robots in the morning and Fizz Boom Bang in the afternoon. Pricing for the camps and registration is available online at http://www.ScienceMatters.tv

July 15-16                   Anniversary Weekend, featuring vendors, blacksmith shop and stamp mill,                                    Gold Canyon Gunfighters, food trucks, and more!

July 17-21                   Science Camp put on by Science Matters! The activities will be Catapults and Backyard Ballista in the morning and Drone Academy in the afternoon. Pricing for the camps and registration is available online at http://www.ScienceMatters.tv

September 14              Exhibit Opening: The Disappearing Mining Landscape of Grant County,  New Mexico, featuring photographer Ann McMahon and local geologists.

October 7-8                 Reynolds Ranch Harvest Festival, with our annual pumpkin patch,                                                  hayrides, food trucks, vendors, Gold Canyon Gunfighters, blacksmith shop  and stamp mill, crafts, kids’ activities, and more.

November 9                Exhibit Lecture

December 9                 Grant County Exhibit ends

December 18               Holiday Model Train Exhibit opens

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Business History Conference, CU Denver 30 – April 1

Dear Fellow Historians,
If you are interested in the burgeoning history of capitalism, if you are interested in the people and institutions that populate capitalism, and if you are interested in attending a very welcoming academic conference to be held in Denver, you can do so for free!
The Business History Conference will hold its annual meeting in Denver, March 30-April 1,  (The Business History Conference). The BHC is the largest and oldest international organization dedicated to the scholarly study of business history and the history of capitalism. Presenters’ approaches are always quite eclectic, including anthropology, sociology, and economics, as well as history. The theme this year is Civilizations (The Business History Conference), which has inspired a diverse array of sessions.
If you would like to attend, you can do so for free. Students who are BHC members can register for the conference for free, and the BHC has a fund to pay the $30 student membership fee for those who want to attend. This offer is good for up to 10 students. 
If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, please contact Pamela Laird, at CU Denver:
Pamela W. Laird
Professor of History
Former president of the Business History Conference 

CLAS Director of Digital Initiatives

University of Colorado Denver
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Historians and the Creation of the National Monument to Reconstruction

One of the most significant news stories in recent years for American historians is the long, and now, successful effort to create a national monument to Reconstruction. One of President Obama’s last acts was to officially designate such a monument in Beaufort, South Carolina. This is in part a recognition of a generation of historians who worked to uncover a history of REconstruction free of the racist mythologies which have crippled any comprehension of that era. Historians Greg Downs and Kate Masur were key in this effort, and they tell the complete story here. Highly recommended reading:


A key passage:

National parks are places where people who do not necessarily read academic history come to engage with the past. And parks have been central to communicating new views of the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. But no National Park Service (NPS) site has focused on Reconstruction. For that reason, breaking that barrier and placing Reconstruction in the park system is an extraordinary moment in public history, and we hope it will spur many more efforts to commemorate Reconstruction.

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