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Anne Hyde Talks at UCCS from new book Empires, Nations, & Families

Tuesday, September 25th, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in UC 303, PRofessor Anne Hyde of Colorado College will speak at UCCS, from her Bancroft-Prize winning book Empires, Nations, & Families: A History of the North American West, 1800-1860. The Bancroft Prize … Continue reading

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From Civil War to Civil Rights

Paul Harvey And while we’re on the topic of the Civil War and History 4530, one more nice piece of  reading: Ari Kelman, “From Civil War to Civil Rights,” a review of four books on the Civil War and its memory … Continue reading

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The Civil War and the Taiping Uprising

Paul Harvey Students in my History 4530 class, the Civil War and Reconstruction era, are learning about what many have called The American Iliad, a titanic struggle costing probably about 750,000 – 850,000 lives (according to the most recent estimates) and permanently … Continue reading

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An Interview with Historian of Religion Paul Harvey

UCCS Department Member Paul Harvey is featured this month in an interview published in HISTORICALLY SPEAKING, a journal of The Historical Society, one of the major national historical organizations. While the full interview is not available online, you can find … Continue reading

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The Ludlow Massacre in History and Poetry

Two years ago we were very fortunate to have on campus Thomas Andrews, author of the amazing book Killing for Coal: America’s Deadliest Labor War, published by Harvard University Press. The book, based on his Ph.D. dissertation from the University … Continue reading

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